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       WILLIAM       WORDSWORTH William Wordsworth was one of the founders of English Romanticism and one its most central figures and important intellects. He is remembered as a poet of spiritual and epistemological speculation, a poet concerned with the human relationship to nature and a fierce advocate of using the vocabulary and speech patterns of common people in poetry. The son of John and Ann Cookson Wordsworth, William Wordworth was born on April 7, 1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland, located in the Lake District of England: an area that would become closely associated with Wordsworth for over two centuries after his death. He began writing poetry as a young boy in grammar school, and before graduating from college he went on a walking tour of Europe, which deepened his love for nature and his sympathy for the common man: both major themes in his poetry. Wordsworth is best known for Lyrical Ballads, co-written with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and The Prelude, a Romantic epic poem chr


  What are the latest business news? Business news - August 2020. 1) The Madras high court fined Patanjali INR10 lakh for chasing profit by exploiting public fear by projecting a COVID-19 cure. Where actually ‘Coronil’ is not a cure but rather an immunity booster. They wanted to do marketing their products however the court permanently banned ‘Coronil’. It is nothing we all know that it is marketing by saying the product is a cure or anything else. 2) Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das on 6 august Thursday said that  India’s forex reserves have increased by $56.8 billion to $534.6 billion in the current financial year between April to July . This is equivalent to 13.4 months of imports, he added that India’s foreign exchange reserves crossed the  $500 billion  mark for the first time in July. Our foreign exchange is growing contiguously. 3) The Indian Railways launched the first  ‘Kisan Rail’  coaches on Friday. ‘Kisan Rail’ will help for faster transportation perishable fa


 International flights  The government made this big announcement about international flights, people breathed a sigh of relief  The Chinese virus Corona has caused an outcry all over the world, affecting millions of people every day and killing thousands of people every day.  In India too, it has fully spread its legs.  Big or small everyone is getting involved in it.  The government has given a big relief to people coming to India from countries with which the government has termed an 'air bubble' amid the corona virus.  Visitors no longer need to register with the Indian Mission Abroad.  This requirement is only for those traveling on Vande Bharat Mission flights.  Welcoming the move, a senior official of a foreign airline of a country with an air bubble deal said, "Under the new rules, passengers on our flights will not have to register on the Indian embassy portal.  So it is a matter of relief for them and for us. ”  A.  E., Qatar and Maldives have signed an 'air


 #WEEKEND LOCKDOWN  Daily night curfew from 7 pm to 5 am in all Punjab cities, towns from Friday This big order just given by the captain about the curfew, be all careful  Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on Thursday took a major decision in view of the rising number of coronavirus cases in the state.  Curfew will now be imposed in every city of the state from 7 pm to 5 am.  This order will come into effect from Friday.  This means that shops and hotels and restaurants will also have to close before 7 p.m.  The timing of shops and hotels and restaurants is yet to come.  In Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Patiala and Mohali, the Punjab government has again banned more than three people from sitting inside cars.  In addition, only 50 per cent of the population will be able to use public transport.  At the same time, 50 per cent non-essential shops will be opened in these five affected cities, ie 50 per cent shops will be opened in one day.  Except for weddings and cremations, ga


# FREE GAS CYLINDER# The government is providing free gas cylinders. Apply as soon as possible During the crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has extended for another three months the plan to provide free cooking gas cylinders to the poor families of the country.  The country's poorest families will now be able to get free gas cylinders till the end of September. In this case, if you are from a poor family and have not yet availed the benefit of this scheme, you should register for it immediately.  It is very easy to get registered for this scheme. You can also get detailed information by visiting the official website associated with this scheme.  Under the Prime Minister's Ujjaw La Yojana, B.C.  P.  L.  One of the times or not.  P.  Yes.  Can apply for a connection.  Fill out an application form for the nearest L.A.  P.  Yes.  Must be submitted to the distributor.  The application form must also provide the person with their full address, Jan Dhan Bank accoun


#CARONA VACCINE LATEST NEWS#  Scientists are working day and night to develop a Corona Vaccine.  Each country faces the challenge of developing a safer and more effective vaccine.  A vaccine that will save the world from this crisis.  However, infectious disease expert Anthony Fossey claims that even a less effective vaccine could lift the world out of the epidemic.  "There was no way the coronavirus vaccine would be 100 percent effective," said Dr. Fawzy, a Corona Virus adviser to US President Donald Trump, in a TV show.  If we get a half-effective vaccine, we can get back to normal within a year. ”  Fossey also acknowledged last week that the Corona virus vaccine is unlikely to be 90 percent effective.  But even a 50 to 60 percent effective vaccine can do a great deal of relief.  A 50 percent effective vaccine means it can eliminate about half the risk of infection.  "If we succeed in getting the vaccine by the beginning of next year, the epidemic could be completely c


 #BIG ANNOUNCEMENT BY PUNJAB EDUCATION MINISTER# The Punjab Education Minister gave this big order, which was immediately implemented  As per the information received, Punjab School Education Minister Mr. Vijay Inder Singla has directed to remove the restriction of transfer certificate regarding admission in government schools.  That students do not have any difficulty in getting admission in government schools.  Disclosing this here today a spokesperson of the school education department said that following Singla's instructions, the department has issued a letter to the district education officers in this regard.  According to the spokesperson, the ban on transfer certificates for admission in government schools has been lifted and school heads have been asked to admit such students at their level.  At the same time, instructions have been issued not to compel the students who do not have a public certificate to apply for the birth certificate and to provide admission basis to th


 SCHOOL FEES NEWS Some Parents  have complained about private schools that the schools are texting them on WhatsApp to collect fees from them.  A similar case has come to the notice of a private school located on Fatehgarh Churian Road, Amritsar, whose coordinator is texting the parents of the children on WhatsApp that we are creating a separate group of those children from our school.  Yes those who have paid the school fees.  The schedule of live classes, blueprints and syllabus of examinations and other information will be posted in this group on Monday.  Students who have not paid their fees should pay their fees as soon as possible  so that their names can be included in this group.  This means that those who will not pay the fees will not be eligible for this group.  The parents of some of the children whose work has come to a complete standstill during the lockout and curfew have complained that at present it is difficult to get a mouthful and how to pay the fees of the children


 ZYDUS CADILA VACCINE SUCCEEDS  Indian Company Zydus Cadila Corona vaccine succeeds in first phase, second phase of human trawl starts from today  Vaccine searches are continuing everywhere the planet to avoid the havoc of the Corona virus, but thus far no significant success has been achieved. Indian companies are making every effort to form the Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, there's excellent news that Indian drug company Zydus Cadila is starting the second phase of human trials of its Kovid-19 vaccine.  drug company Zydus Cadila said the primary phase of its proposed Kovid-19 vaccine 'Zykov-D' has been completed and now the corporate will start its second phase of clinical trials on Transfiguration . the corporate said that within the first phase of clinical trials, Zykov-D was found to be safe and tolerable. the corporate will now start phase II clinical trial clinical trials from 6 August 2020.  Zydus Cadila Chairman Pankaj R. Patel said that the security of Zykov-D may be


 BEIRUT   POWERFUL      BLAST  Powerful  blast took place in Beirut, Lebanon's capital. Due to which  hundreds  and thousands of people appear to have been killed .According to the internal sources,  it bomblasted one after the other . The sources said that it was due to 2,750 tonnes of  ammonium nitrates was stored in the warehouse for many year in negligence.  The situation in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, is divastating  Thousands have been injured in floods.  . .  The blast took parts of Beirut, sending plumes of smoke into the sky.  According to initial reports, it took place in the port area of ​​the capital, which housed a number of warehouses.  It was so fast that it was felt all over the city.  After that on the streets of Beirut The windows in the far-flung buildings were shattered and the balconies of the surrounding buildings collapsed.  Its sound could be heard for miles.  People realized that the quake had hit and they started fleeing blindly but when




         BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Corona  outbreak is on the rise in Punjab, as hundreds of corona positive cases are on outburst on daily  basis .The corona virus has spread to people and children everywhere.  But now  government of Punjab  has made an announcement that will s make the  children happy .  The Punjab Government has taken a major decision regarding the education of Class IX and XII students in the state.  The Punjab Government would distribute smartphones to the students of government schools up to 9th and 12th standard.  According to information, 50,000 smartphones will be provided to government schoolgirls with the aim of helping  them in online learning during the corona virus epidemic.   This decision of the Punjab Government would be a great relief to the financially incapable students of Class IX and XII across the state.  The Chief Minister announced on social media that smartphones would be provided to the students of class IX and XII in the govern


 RELAXATION TO PRIVATE    SCHOOLS    A big relaxation to private schools by high court in view of collecting fees whether students have attended online classes or not . Tuition and admission fees have to be paid whether the class is attended  online or not.  The High Court has given permission to private schools to charge annual fees and tuition fees.  During lockdown, whether any school has provided online class facility or not, all schools can collect tuition fees from parents during this time.  Honourable Justice Ramendra Jain has given this relief to private schools on the basis of a decision given by a single bench of the High Court in a case of Punjab. Private schools in this hard situation is co-operating with  parents and without any hinderance their  staff is giving their best and putting all their efforts to teach students by taking full initiative.  After Punjab, now in Haryana also Punjab and Haryana High Court has given great relief to private schools


BANKS WILL BE CLOSED FOR 12 DAYS August month is full of holidays and banks  will also  be closed for 12 days in the month of August as next month there are many national and local festivals including Bakrid, Rakshabandhan, Shrikrishna Janmashtami, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturdashi, Muharram and Haritalika Teej.  Due to this, banks will be closed for several days in August.  In August there are  five Sundays.  Apart from this, banks will also be closed on August 8 and 29 due to the second and fourth Saturdays respectively.  So, if you need to know in advance when the banks will be closed in order to handle the business related to the bank in August?  See this list ..  Date    Day     Holiday   01    August.  Saturday Bakrid Gazetted Holiday  03  August  Monday Rakshabandhan local holiday  Tuesday 11th August Shri Krishna Janmashtami  local holiday Wednesday 12th August Shri Krishna Janmashtami Gazetted Holiday  Saturday 15th August Independence Day Ga


           IPL- 2020  The tournament will start on September 19, the final will be played on November 8  IPL 2020: The 13th season of the Indian Premier League is to be played in the UAE.  Now the start date of the tournament has also been announced.  IPL 2020: The biggest news ever about the Indian Premier League has come to light.  IPL 13 will start on September 19 and the final of the tournament will be played on November 8.  This has been officially announced by the chairman of the Indian Premier League, Brajesh Patel.  Earlier, Brajesh Patel had announced that this year IPL will be played in UAE.  Due to the corona virus, the IPL could not be held on time.  But the cancellation of the World Cup cleared the way for the BCCI to host the IPL.  On Thursday itself, it was speculated that the tournament could be held from September 19.  In fact, it is believed that the BCCI wants to hold only one match in a day, so the tournament is being started early.  Brajesh Pa


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR  INDIA TILL DECEMBER 31st  The corona virus has alarmed governments around the world, who are taking a number of major steps to prevent the spread of the Chinese virus.  Now the government of India has made a big announcement to get rid of this virus which will be effective till December 31.  New Delhi: In view of the rising number of cases of coronavirus, the government has extended the term of work from home for IT and BPO companies.  The work from home guidelines issued by the government to these companies have been extended for five months.  These instructions are now valid until December 31.  The government announced this on Tuesday.  Earlier, the directives were to expire on July 31.  In a tweet, the Department of Telecommunications said, "The Department has extended the relaxation of terms and conditions for work-from-home facilities until December 31, 2020, in response to growing concerns about the growing number of coronavirus cases."


LENOVO LEGION  PHONE WITH     DUEL  GAMING   Lenow has introduced his gaming smartphone.  This phone, which comes with a RAM option of up to 16 GB, has a powerful processor of Qualcomm.  The most special thing about the phone is its given side-up selfie camera.  With this selfie camera, selfie can also be taken during gaming.  New Delhi Lenovo has unveiled its cool gaming smartphone Lenovo Legion Phone Duel.  This phone coming with pop-up selfie camera and dual battery has a strong processor of Qualcomm.  The phone has a refresh rate of 144Hz for a great screen experience.  The phone is equipped with 12 GB and 16 GB RAM options and two batteries.  The company will first launch the phone in China.  However, Lenovo has not given any information about the price of this new gaming phone.  For the time, let us know what is special in this gaming phone of Lenovo.  Snapdragon 855+ Soc processor in phone This phone coming is up to 16 GB RAM option has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8


ZOOM  BREAKS TIK TOK'S RECORD  Due to Corona virus, many workloads CV have been started online for the last several months.  Whether dealing with office work through work from home or children's school, all are running online these days.  Video conferencing app Zoom has benefited the most from this.  Compared to other video conferencing apps, this app has been downloaded the most frequently worldwide.  Whether it is an office meeting or talking to loved ones.  The Zoom video calling app is being used extensively around the world.  This is witness to the increase in downloading of this app on Google Play Store and App Store.  This app has been downloaded the most  on both platforms. It has in the past overtook the banned short video making app TikTok in India on the Apple App Store. According to the Sensor Tower report, the Zoom video calling app has been downloaded 9.4 million times on the Apple App Store in the second quarter of the year (April to June), 40 percent


LIVE PSEB 12th RESULT 2020  New Delhi,  PSEB 12th Result 2020 Live Updates: Punjab School Education Board i.e. PBSE 12th Result 2020 will be announced soon by Punjab Board.  Students will be able to see their results after the release on the official website of the board.  Its students will also be able to see their results from the link given below.  Students can access the official website of the board from computer ,laptop or mobile.  However, if students do not have internet facility at present, they can also check their PSEB 12th result 2020 SMS.  Earlier, according to the information received from the board, PSEB 12th Result 2020 is announced for the three streams of Arts, Science and Commerce and the students who have given the Punjab Board 12th exams have their PSEB 12th Result 2020 Board official website,  will be able to see on  For the convenience of students, the direct link of Punjab Board 12th Result 2020 is given below, with the help of which students will


CORONA  UPDATES More deaths occurred in the country today than in the US, more than 40 thousand cases came for the first time in 24 hours.  India is the third most affected country in the world according to the number of corona infections.  The United States is the most affected by the Corona epidemic after Brazil.  New Delhi: Now the deadly corona virus has caught pace in the country.  In the case of death in one day, India has left America behind even today.  In the last 24 hours, 681 people died in the country, while 392 people died in America.  At the same time, 40 thousand 225 new cases have been reported in the last one day, which is the highest ever in a day.  With this, the total number of infected in India has increased to 11 lakh 18 thousand 43.  There are three lakh 90 thousand 459 active cases, while seven lakh 87 people have been cured.  So far, 27 thousand 497 people have lost their lives.  India is the third most affected country in the world according to the


  FINAL YEAR  EXAMS UP government has released all the examinations except the final year in Guideline College and University, final year exams will be till 30 September, final year (final semester) exams online and offline.  Both will be through  UP will have only final year (final semester) examinations-  Due to Corona epidemic, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has decided that only final year or final semester examinations will be conducted in colleges and universities this year.  Apart from this, examinations of all classes are cancelled.  All the students except the final year will be given admission in the next class on the basis of promotions.  This information has been given by Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma.  According to them, the examinations will be conducted both online and offline. He said that final year examinations will be conducted by September 30.  After that the result of these will be released in the month of October.  How will admission be g


SECRET FEATURES OF ANDROID PHONES These are the secret features of Android phones, you will hardly know about them  In today's era, most people  are using smartphones.  Obviously you will be the one , but if you are asked how much you know about your smartphone, you will hardly be able to answer it correct.Lets know about some special features related to Android phones, about which you will hardly know. SECRET FEATURES OF ANDROID PHONES These are the secret features of Android phones, you will hardly know about them  In today's era, most people  are using smartphones.  Obviously you will be the one , but if you are asked how much you know about your smartphone, you will hardly be able to answer it correctly.  Well, today we will tell you about some special features related to Android phones, about which you will hardly know.  Get rid of useless notifications  People usually get disturbed by repeated notifications.  Obviously you must also be upset.  So to get

Cbse latest news

        CBSE RELEASED NOTIFICATION 29th June,2020  CBSE class 10th and 12th board exam results will be released by July 15, the result will be released on the basis of the last three papers under the assessment scheme, CBSE will give the students of class 12th the option to sit in the exam.  It is said that the students will be passed by marking based on their previous question paper.  Students who are getting more marks, should be given marks on the basis of them.  For this, the CBSE had also produced a copy of the official notice in the court.  In that notice, it has been said that after the cancellation of the remaining examinations, it has been decided to give marks on the basis of internal accessment for the remaining question papers.   Central Board of Secondary Education, 10th and 12th Board session 2019-2020  Examination was started in February 2020  and was postponed on March 2020 (due to Corona) likely to be re-organized from 01 July to 15 July 2020 Announcement


UGC GUIDELINES FOR UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION 2020 New Delhi: Once again  it has been declared  that the final year examinations of the university is necessary and stated that it is in the wider interest of the students.  In such a case, before taking any decision regarding the state examinations, also assess the impact on the interests of the students and the academic quality.  On the other hand, on the guideline issued regarding examinations, UGC says that under the regulation of the commission, all the universities are bound to abide by it.  However this is not the time for controversy.  All universities should conduct examinations under the set guidelines.  SOP prepared regarding revised guidelines and examinations sent to all the states  Commission Secretary Rajneesh Jain said that he has sent to all the states the details of the guidelines issued for the examinations and the standards set for conducting them.  However, if the universities have any confusion regarding any