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  What are the latest business news? Business news - August 2020. 1) The Madras high court fined Patanjali INR10 lakh for chasing profit by exploiting public fear by projecting a COVID-19 cure. Where actually ‘Coronil’ is not a cure but rather an immunity booster. They wanted to do marketing their products however the court permanently banned ‘Coronil’. It is nothing we all know that it is marketing by saying the product is a cure or anything else. 2) Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das on 6 august Thursday said that  India’s forex reserves have increased by $56.8 billion to $534.6 billion in the current financial year between April to July . This is equivalent to 13.4 months of imports, he added that India’s foreign exchange reserves crossed the  $500 billion  mark for the first time in July. Our foreign exchange is growing contiguously. 3) The Indian Railways launched the first  ‘Kisan Rail’  coaches on Friday. ‘Kisan Rail’ will help for faster transportation perishable fa


           IPL- 2020 

The tournament will start on September 19, the final will be played on November 8

 IPL 2020: The 13th season of the Indian Premier League is to be played in the UAE.  Now the start date of the tournament has also been announced.

 IPL 2020: The biggest news ever about the Indian Premier League has come to light.  IPL 13 will start on September 19 and the final of the tournament will be played on November 8.  This has been officially announced by the chairman of the Indian Premier League, Brajesh Patel.  Earlier, Brajesh Patel had announced that this year IPL will be played in UAE.  Due to the corona virus, the IPL could not be held on time.  But the cancellation of the World Cup cleared the way for the BCCI to host the IPL.

 On Thursday itself, it was speculated that the tournament could be held from September 19.  In fact, it is believed that the BCCI wants to hold only one match in a day, so the tournament is being started early.  Brajesh Patel has made it clear that the 13th season of IPL will last for 51 days.

 Schedule will be released soon

 However, the board has not yet given information about the schedule of IPL and the number of matches.  It is believed that the BCCI may release the IPL schedule within the next one week.  This will be decided in the meeting of the governing council of IPL.
 In addition, there are reports that all the IPL franchises with their players may reach the UAE a month in advance.  Most of the cricketers participating in the IPL have not practiced on the field for the last four months.  It can take players three to four weeks to regain their old rhythm.  Not only this, franchises can also arrange practice matches between their players.
 Explain that the 13th season of Indian Premier League was to be held from March 28.  But due to corona virus, the first tournament was postponed till April 15 and then it was postponed indefinitely due to increasing lockdown.  As the havoc of corona is increasing in India, the board has considered UAE as a better option.  It is yet to be decided whether there will be spectators on the field in the UAE

There had been speculation since May-June that the World Cup in Australia would be postponed, yet no decision was taken at the ICC board meetings.

Following the ICC's decision to postpone this year's T20 World Cup in Australia, the organization of the IPL is almost certain.  The BCCI has also fixed dates for it and has also sought permission from the Central Government to hold it in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Meanwhile, a former Pakistan cricketer has claimed that former ICC chairman Shashank Manohar did not want the league to be held this year.
 The decision came after Shashank Manohar resigned

 Significantly, since the month of May-June, there has been constant speculation that the World Cup in Australia will be postponed, as Australia was not ready for such a big event due to the corona virus epidemic.

 No decision was taken on the World Cup in the 2-3 board meetings of the ICC held during this time.  Following the end of Shashank Manohar's term in late June, the ICC officially sealed the decision this month.

The tournament will start on September 19, the final will be played on November 8



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