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  What are the latest business news? Business news - August 2020. 1) The Madras high court fined Patanjali INR10 lakh for chasing profit by exploiting public fear by projecting a COVID-19 cure. Where actually ‘Coronil’ is not a cure but rather an immunity booster. They wanted to do marketing their products however the court permanently banned ‘Coronil’. It is nothing we all know that it is marketing by saying the product is a cure or anything else. 2) Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das on 6 august Thursday said that  India’s forex reserves have increased by $56.8 billion to $534.6 billion in the current financial year between April to July . This is equivalent to 13.4 months of imports, he added that India’s foreign exchange reserves crossed the  $500 billion  mark for the first time in July. Our foreign exchange is growing contiguously. 3) The Indian Railways launched the first  ‘Kisan Rail’  coaches on Friday. ‘Kisan Rail’ will help for faster transportation perishable fa



Gurdaspur: The conspiracy to riot in the name of citizenship amendment law was hatched several months ago.  For this, Khalid Saifi of India Against Hate organization had raised funds from a country in the Middle East including Singapore.  Not only that, he had also met Zakir Naik in Australia two months before the riots.  The case is being investigated by a special cell, with the help of the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

 The first riot in the capital started here

 The first riots in the capital were in Jamia Nagar, Shahinbagh, NFC, JNU and Daryaganj.  After this, from 23rd to 26th February, North-East Delhi was burning in the fire of violence.  According to sources, the investigation has revealed that Khalid Saifi had gone to Zakir Naik in Australia to raise money.  Nike then sent him to Singapore.  Here an NRI gave lakhs of rupees through Khalid's NGO.

 Money received through NGOs

 This NGO also includes a person from Meerut.  He is currently in quarantine because of Corona and will be questioned as soon as he recovers.   This information has been found in the interrogation that took place after checking his passport.  Not only this, NRIs living in a country in the Middle East have also given lakhs of rupees to Khalid.  It was used to stage anti-CAA and NRC protests and incite riots.

 Responsibility was assigned to 50 people from 18 organizations

 The investigation has revealed that the Jamia Coordination Committee was constituted on December 15, just two days after the demonstration in Jamia.  This included 50 people from about 18 organizations like Pinjra Tod, India Against Hate, PFI etc.  They were assigned different responsibilities.  Sharjeel Imam had the most important role in this.  He had made the people of special community sit on dharna in Shahinbagh.  These people were asked to tell the Muslim community across the country that they were prepared to be tortured through the CAA.  UAPA has imposed special cell treason on some of the accused involved in the conspiracy and others.  The cell has arrested 14 accused under UAPA.


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ZOOM  BREAKS TIK TOK'S RECORD  Due to Corona virus, many workloads CV have been started online for the last several months.  Whether dealing with office work through work from home or children's school, all are running online these days.  Video conferencing app Zoom has benefited the most from this.  Compared to other video conferencing apps, this app has been downloaded the most frequently worldwide.  Whether it is an office meeting or talking to loved ones.  The Zoom video calling app is being used extensively around the world.  This is witness to the increase in downloading of this app on Google Play Store and App Store.  This app has been downloaded the most  on both platforms. It has in the past overtook the banned short video making app TikTok in India on the Apple App Store. According to the Sensor Tower report, the Zoom video calling app has been downloaded 9.4 million times on the Apple App Store in the second quarter of the year (April to June), 40 percent


BANKS WILL BE CLOSED FOR 12 DAYS August month is full of holidays and banks  will also  be closed for 12 days in the month of August as next month there are many national and local festivals including Bakrid, Rakshabandhan, Shrikrishna Janmashtami, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturdashi, Muharram and Haritalika Teej.  Due to this, banks will be closed for several days in August.  In August there are  five Sundays.  Apart from this, banks will also be closed on August 8 and 29 due to the second and fourth Saturdays respectively.  So, if you need to know in advance when the banks will be closed in order to handle the business related to the bank in August?  See this list ..  Date    Day     Holiday   01    August.  Saturday Bakrid Gazetted Holiday  03  August  Monday Rakshabandhan local holiday  Tuesday 11th August Shri Krishna Janmashtami  local holiday Wednesday 12th August Shri Krishna Janmashtami Gazetted Holiday  Saturday 15th August Independence Day Ga


 International flights  The government made this big announcement about international flights, people breathed a sigh of relief  The Chinese virus Corona has caused an outcry all over the world, affecting millions of people every day and killing thousands of people every day.  In India too, it has fully spread its legs.  Big or small everyone is getting involved in it.  The government has given a big relief to people coming to India from countries with which the government has termed an 'air bubble' amid the corona virus.  Visitors no longer need to register with the Indian Mission Abroad.  This requirement is only for those traveling on Vande Bharat Mission flights.  Welcoming the move, a senior official of a foreign airline of a country with an air bubble deal said, "Under the new rules, passengers on our flights will not have to register on the Indian embassy portal.  So it is a matter of relief for them and for us. ”  A.  E., Qatar and Maldives have signed an 'air