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  What are the latest business news? Business news - August 2020. 1) The Madras high court fined Patanjali INR10 lakh for chasing profit by exploiting public fear by projecting a COVID-19 cure. Where actually ‘Coronil’ is not a cure but rather an immunity booster. They wanted to do marketing their products however the court permanently banned ‘Coronil’. It is nothing we all know that it is marketing by saying the product is a cure or anything else. 2) Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das on 6 august Thursday said that  India’s forex reserves have increased by $56.8 billion to $534.6 billion in the current financial year between April to July . This is equivalent to 13.4 months of imports, he added that India’s foreign exchange reserves crossed the  $500 billion  mark for the first time in July. Our foreign exchange is growing contiguously. 3) The Indian Railways launched the first  ‘Kisan Rail’  coaches on Friday. ‘Kisan Rail’ will help for faster transportation perishable fa



10 + 2 system abolished in schools and the new system of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 started .

New Delhi:   Narendra Modi's government at the Center has approved the New Education Policy in the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.  In a press conference, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that after 34 years, a government has changed its education policy.  In the new education policy, the existing 10 + 2 format of school curriculum has been abolished.  Now the school curriculum in the country will be decided according to 5+ 3+ 3+ 4.

 Separate courses for five years of study

 This means that for the first three years, children will get pre-schooling in Anganwadi.  After that for the next two years, children in class 1 and class 2 will be taught in school.  Then the next three years will be divided into the preparation phase of class 3 to 5.  A separate syllabus will be prepared for this five year study.

 Choice of subjects at different ages

 Preparatory Stage- In this phase, studies from class three to five will be covered.  During this, children will be taught science, mathematics, art etc.  This course will be taught to children from 8 to 11 years of age.

 Middle Stage- It will cover children aged 11-14 years.  Who will study classes 6-8.  Subject based courses will be taught in these classes.

 Secondary Stage- In this phase, the study of class nine to 12 will be in two phases in which there will also be freedom to choose the subjects.  At the same time in-depth study of the course will also be done.  Explain that first class one to 10 was general studies.  After that there was freedom to choose subjects after coming to 10 + 2 i.e. senior secondary class.

 What is the purpose of Education Policy 2020?

 One of the stated objectives of the new education policy approved by the Modi Cabinet is to create pride in being Indian.  Its goal is to develop knowledge, skills, values ​​and propositions not only in thoughts, but also with soul, intellect and deeds.  It supports a commitment to human rights, sustainable development and livelihoods and a responsibility to global well-being.

 The draft policy of New Education Policy 2020 has also suggested that the Ministry of Human Resource Development should be re-registered as the Ministry of Education.  Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank says that after the new education policy, it will be easier for the youth to get higher education than before.  According to him, many issues related to the sector have been resolved in the new education policy.


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